Movie Maker is a starter app for home video enthusiasts, and it has been around since the Windows Millennium (Me) operating system in late 2000. Version 1 of Movie Maker was an extremely easy-to-learn and use app that could be up and running comfortably in a couple of hours but lacked any special effects or transitions. It was meant to be basic, as it was a bridge from the analog editing environment to computer-based editing. Once over this bridge, one doesn’t look back!

What is Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker is Microsoft’s free program for home video enthusiasts. It includes basic features that make it easy to create movies and then share them with others, such as movie effects, titles, transitions, and more. You can even add your own background music or soundtracks from the royalty-free industry standard: AudioJungle!

What are some of The Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Features?

Some of the most popular features of Microsoft Windows Movie Maker include:

-The ability to add a variety of special effects and transitions.

-Capture video from your webcam or external capture device to create movies with you as the star!

-Import photos, music, text captions, and more into your movie – even from one PC onto another over Wi-Fi

-Easy to use the system for beginners and more

PapaJohn’s Products and Services

From help for Movie Maker and Photo Story to his career, his hope is to make all people comfortable with these programs.

He provides much support freely on websites, in newsgroup and forum posts, in email responses, and monthly classroom sessions at my local Portage Michigan public library. There are also free downloadable items such as custom profiles for Movie Maker and more.

Who is Papa John?

Papa John is a movie-making hobbyist and user of Movie Maker himself. He has made many videos for his own business, family, and friends over the years with these tools.

He supports all people in taking their first steps into video editing by offering blog posts on various topics related to both basic uses as well as more advanced features that help users get the most out of his products.